Resurface to improve the texture and appearance of your skin and soften scars.

What is ResurFACE?

The award-winning fractional laser ResurFACE is available at Staffordshire Skin & Laser Clinic. Many people suffer lifelong skin concerns without any real treatment solutions. Fractional laser treatments were developed to offer dramatic rejuvenation results without the pro long down time or risk associated with more aggressive treatments such as CO2 and fully ablative lasers, whilst still delivering comparable results. Within clinic we use ResurFACE fractional laser to treat a number of indications including fine lines and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, stretch marks, acne scaring and much more giving the skin a total rejuvenation resulting in a smoother, youthful and glowing appearance. ResurFace was launched in 2014. Within its first year it was voted the ‘Most Innovative Treatment of 2014’.


  • Before



  • Before


    Acne Scarring

  • Before


    Acne Scarring

  • Treatment time

    30-60 minutes

  • How long until full results are seen?

    1-5 Treatments

  • Duration of results


  • Downtime

    1-5 days

  • Anaesthetic

    Cryo skin cooling

  • Price

    From £60


You’ve probably got some questions, but before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones.

  • Your Consultation

    At Staffordshire Skin and Laser Clinic, we know that your skin is your most important asset. That’s why we give it the attention it deserves. When you come in for a consultation we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We will do a full holistic assessment of your concerns including an Observe computerised skin analysis free of charge to give us a greater understanding of your treatment goals and expectations. We will look at factors that may be contributing to your concerns. We will assess for treatment contraindications as your safety is our number one priority. If your skin resurfacing concerns are scarring, stretch marks or simply skin rejuvenation then Resurface is the perfect treatment for you. If you would like a patch test on the day we ask that you have not been exposed to tanning (real of fake) in the last 4 weeks. During your consultation we will discuss the benefits, potential side effects, risks, treatment alternatives and answer any questions you may have. As we are passionate about results we will also we will also advise on a ZO Skin protocol as well and nutritional support to allow for optimal results. Following your consultation we will provide you treatment information and a quote.

  • How does the treatment work?

    As the hand piece is passed over the skin, minute sections of the skin are targeted with the laser, which penetrate deep within the tissue causing small columns of thermal damage. This in turn leads to a significant stimulation of collagen renewal and remodelling of the collagen matrix. As only fractions of the skin are targeted, fractions of healthy skin are equally left untouched which aids in the skins natural recovery process, thus allowing dramatic results without significant downtime.

  • Treatment Benefits

    • Non-invasive treatment
    • Quick, effective and precise
    • Safe treatment option
    • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
    • Rejuvenates scars and stretch marks
    • Improves quality, tone and texture of skin
    • Effective for pore reduction and acne scaring
    • Tightens the skin and improves collagen production
    • Permanent results
    • Can treat any part of the body
    • Minimal to no downtime
    • Improves the quality, tone and texture of the skin
    • Increased confidence and self esteem

  • Is used to treat

    ResurFace fractional laser is used for many indications including
    • To improve the quality, tone and texture of the skin
    • To improve the appearance of sun damage
    • Pore, line and wrinkle reduction
    • Acne, chicken pox or scar reduction from skin conditions
    • Surgical or post injury scar reduction
    • Stretch mark rejuvenation
    • Skin tightening

  • Treatment safety and side effects

    Firstly you are in safe hands by Visiting a Save Face accredited centre of excellence. Treatment is very safe when performed by our experienced laser practitioners. You may experience skin redness, swelling and a bronze appearance to the skin as following treatment, however this is to be expected. Rare side effects may include a small blister or a temporary lightening or darkening of the skin pigmentation. We advise all patients undergoing laser treatment of the importance of the use of a daily sun protection factor (SPF) to reduce any risks further.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    Improvements can been seen in as little as one session, however for optimum results we always recommend a course of 5 treatments, however this dependents on the level of rejuvenation required. The treatment can be carried out 4-6 weekly.

  • When will i see results?

    You should start to notice small improvements in the following weeks after your first treatment, with continued treatments the results are progressive and can continue to improve for up to 6 months after your last treatment.

  • Am I suitable for treatment?

    Prior to any treatment at Staffordshire Skin & Laser Clinic a full medical consultation and assessment will be carried out to ensure there are no treatment contraindications as your safety is our priority. Treatment contraindications include:

    • Pregnancy or breast feeding
    • History if keloid scarring or skin pigmentation disorders such as melasma
    • Infected or compromised skin in the treatment area
    • Immune system disorders such as Lupus or severe rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Current use of medications such as Accutane or methotrexate
    • Current use Herbal remedies such as saint john’s wort, fever few, Tetracycline antibiotics, minocycline’s Amiodarone and steroids (must be discontinued 6 weeks prior to treatment)
    • History of methotrexate, or Gold injections
    • Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
    • Skin cancer
    • Blood thinning medications such as warfarin, heparin or other types Cautions to treatment (GP to confirm suitability)
    • Epilepsy, diabetes, heart or thyroid disease
    • Cancer within 12 months
    • Transplant, diabetes, hypertensive medication
    • Blood borne viruses such as hepatitis and HIV
    • Metal implants or tattoos in the treatment site
  • How does treatment feel?

    During treatment a heating sensation will be felt with a mild stinging sensation. Most of our clients tolerate treatment well, and use a hand held cooling device during the procedure. If you do find it uncomfortable a topical anaesthetic can be applied 30 minutes prior to treatment. After treatment the skin will feel quite hot, further skin cooler can be carried out until you feel comfortable. skin cooling packs will be applied in clinic to minimalize discomfort and aid a quicker skin recovery.

  • Pre treatment guidelines

    Please read carefully the following instructions to follow prior to each ResurFace treatment:

    • Prior to treatment remove hair 1-2 days before in the treatment area
    • Prior to treatment it is important that the skin is well hydrated, as the laser is attracted to water in the cell, so enables optimal results
    • Avoid perfume products, deodorant, creams, oils in the treatment area 24 hours before treatment
    • Avoid exfoliation treatments or products containing retinol or strong AHA fruit acids 1 week prior to treatment
    • Wear loose, comfortable clothing in the treatment area when attending your appointment
    • Do not tan or use sun beds for 4 weeks prior to each treatment. We can NOT treat tanned skin
    • No fake tan 4 weeks before each treatment. We can NOT treat tanned skin
    • Always protect your skin with a minimum of SPF 30 on exposed areas
    • Inform you practitioner if there are any medical changes, this includes changes in medications, herbal remedies and or skin changes

  • What to expect during treatment

    Prior to treatment the skin is cleaned and protective eyewear worn. Once the skin has been cleansed the hand piece is place on the skin tiny microscopic laser beams are delivered. The hand piece is then moved to the surrounding areas of skin and the process is repeated until the entire area has been treated. The skin will be cooled after treatment. Prior to treatment you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have, and once completely satisfied this is the right treatment for you a consent form will be signed. All make up will be removed and the skin cleansed. On your first session photographs of the treatment area are taken to enable us to review the effectiveness of treatment. If there are any active skin infections, cold sores or you are generally unwell treatment will not be administered and will be rescheduled for a later date. If you feel that you need to discuss any illnesses or medications we ask you to contact the clinic prior to your appointment.

  • What to expect after treatment?

    Immediately following treatment you will experience a mild sunburn sensation and the skin will appear red for 1 -2 days. This is normal and it is a good sign that the skin is healing at a deep tissue level. As the redness starts to subside your skin may have a bronzed appearance that can last 3-10 days. Your skin will also go through a natural exfoliation process giving the appearance of a mild flaking. Skin is usually back to its normal self within 7-10 days. During the initial skin healing process skin hydrating and camouflage products can be applied allowing you to carry on your normal day to day activities. These will be discussed at your consultation. Skin redness, swelling and a bronze appearance to the skin as described above are all typical treatment outcomes. Rare side effects may include a small blister or a temporary lightening or darkening of the skin pigmentation. We advise all patients undergoing laser treatment of the importance of the use of a daily sun protection factor (SPF) to reduce any risks further.

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