Excessive sweating

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What is excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is associated with sweating beyond the normal physiological need to sweat, to a point where palms and clothes can become saturated or dripping wet. This sweating occurs with none of the normal trigger factors such as heat, exercise, anxiety or illness, it just occurs without reason, you may be cool and even relaxed when it occurs. The term primary hyperhidrosis is associated with no real cause, and often affects focal regions such as the face, under arms and palms. Secondary hyperhidrosis is much more generalised and occurs over a much wider area of the body and may also be associated with an underlying medical concern or medication as well as triggered by heat.




You’ve probably got some questions, but before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones here.

  • What causes excessive sweating?

    There may be a number of causes for excessive sweating, such as genetics, diabetes, menopausal hot flashes, thyroid problems, nervous system disorder of the sympathetic nervous system, infections, medication side effects. Hyperhidrosis with no diagnosed cause is referred to as primary hyperhidrosis. However this is believed to be linked to your genes and a problem with the sympathetic nervous system.

  • What treatments are effective for excessive sweating?

    Prior to treatment it is important that you see a dermatologist for correct diagnosis, this will determine your treatment pathway. If Primary hyperhidrosis is diagnosed Botulinum toxin can be a very effective treatment for underarm sweating when other treatments have not been so. Botulinum toxin is injected just beneath the skin surface and temporarily blocks the nerve stimulation to the sweat gland. Although this may not resolve the concern 100% it will certainly be managed much more effectively alongside deodorants to enable you to regain a quality of life.

  • Will sweating return following treatment?

    Treatment with botulinum toxin can last anything form 4-12 months. Effects start to work within 2-3 days and maximum results are achieved at day 30. You will find following the months after treatment your sweating will start to gradually return. You do not have to wait until it has completely returned to have your next treatment, we would always advised no sooner than 12 weeks but after this period would be ok.

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