Thread / Spider veins

Remove unwanted facial thread veins to even your skin tone and boost your self confidence.

What is Thread / Spider veins?

Facial thread/spider veins – also known medically as telangiectasia, are tiny blood vessels that lie very superficially below the skin’s surface that have become enlarged, giving the appearance of a broken blood vessel. Thread veins can appear as red, blue or purple lines or form much larger clusters over a surface area such as the cheeks or nose. These are normally of a cosmetic concern and can affect anyone at any age, factors including lifestyle and genetic predisposition will also contribute to their development.

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You’ve probably got some questions, but before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones here.

  • What causes thread/spider veins?

    Thread veins, also known as spider veins or broken capillaries can appear due to a number of factors. As with many skin concerns, genetics determines your skin type and your predisposition to developing broken capillaries. These can also become more apparent as we age, as the skin naturally thins and loses its elasticity the superficial vessels under the skin become more apparent. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol and sun exposure all have negative effects, contributing to damage of the skin and underlying vessels contributing the their appearance. Skin conditions that cause facial redness and flushing such as rosacea can also lead to their development due to the frequent dilation and constriction of the capillaries.

  • Will I always be prone to developing thread veins?

    While some people will have a genetic predisposition to developing thread veins alongside the unstoppable ageing process there are a number of things that can be reduce their occurrence. Taking measures to prevent sun damage, adopting good lifestyle habits in regards to smoking, alcohol, diet and exercise, managing any conditions such as rosacea or hormonal imbalances and adopting a good skin care regime will all have positive benefits for the skin and reduce the likelihood of facial capillaries developing.

  • What treatments are effective for thread/spider veins?

    Treatments can be very effective for the reduction of spider veins, the treatment type will depend on the your skin type and the severity of the broken capillaries, including any underlying skin conditions such as rosacea.

    1. Intense Pulse Light – As the applicator is taken over the skin the light energy is released and absorbed by the blood within the broken capillaries. This causes a rapid heating of the blood which destroys them and allows your body to gradually break them down. This treatment will also be beneficial for reducing facial redness and managing symptoms of rosacea.
    2. Regenlite – vascular laser treatment – this may be reserved for larger, deeper vessels and vascular lesions. It works in a very similar way to IPL, by heating the blood, resulting in a heating and coagulation, allowing your body to effectively remove it. This is another great treatment option for managing facial redness and symptoms of rosacea.

    Following your consultation your practitioner will advise the best treatment for optimal results. We will ensure you have a good understanding of how the treatment will benefit your skin, including benefits, any downtime expected, duration and costs.

  • Will thread/spider veins return following treatment?

    There is always a possibility that they some thread veins may return or alternatively new ones may develop as part of the natural ageing process, however adopting good lifestyle habits, managing underlying conditions such as rosacea and good sun protection will all delay their progression. Occasional top up treatments can be taken if new capillaries do start to develop.

  • How can ZO Skin Health help to support my skin?

    ZO Principles of Skin Health Restoration specifically focus on restoring skin’s strength and optimizing cellular functions to provide the best treatment outcomes and achieve overall skin health restoration. Skin should be fortified to renew, protect and strengthen itself to maintain healthy skin for life. From correcting and management of ageing, sun damage, and skin concerns such as milia, keratosis pilaris, Eczema, dry skin, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, broken veins, and protecting against future damage, ZO has your skin health covered with its clinically proven, medical skin care brand. Only the highest quality active ingredients like retinoids, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, glycolic acid, lactic acid and more. Following a consultation a prescribed regimen that works to improve your skin concern alongside its texture, repairs your skin barrier and restores a healthy, youthful appearance to your skin will be prescribed.

  • How does the The Advanced Nutrition Programme support my skin?

    Healthy skin starts on the inside, for optimal results this needs to be fed daily with skin specific nutrients. To help improve the appearance of compromised skin whilst supporting skin elasticity, firmness and collagen production experts recommend supporting the skin with supplements from the Advanced Nutritional Programme (ANP) supplement range alongside a healthy diet. Traditional skincare is turned inside out with the innovative, award-winning range of evidence-based skincare supplements. While topical skincare only treats 50% of the skin on the surface, ANP potent nutritional blends feed your skin from within for a proven, 100% skincare approach, your skin will certainly thank you for it. Following your consultation we can advised a complete nutritional approach to optimise your skin health.

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