Port Wine Stain

Remove unwanted port wine stains to even your complexion and boost your self confidence.

What is a Port Wine Stain?

A port-wine stain is a birthmark that appears as a flat reddish–purple discoloration on the skin. This is caused by either swollen or an abnormal formation of tiny blood vessels that lie just beneath the skin’s surface. As the name suggest it resembles the colour of port wine and is normally present form birth and thought there adult life. Port wine stains can occur anywhere on the body but are more common on the face and neck. Although a port wine stain is harmless it can be of a cosmetic concern leading people to seek treatment for their removal.




You’ve probably got some questions, but before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones here.

  • What causes Port Wine stains?

    The reason for development of a Port Wine Stain remains unclear. However it is thought that it is due to a genetic mutation of the blood vessels within the affected area within the early stages of the foetus development. The exact gene mutation has not been identified that is responsible for this capillary malformation.

  • What treatments are effective for Port Wine Stains?

    Birthmarks can be effectively treated with a pulsed Dye Laser, such as Regenlite. As the laser is pulsed onto the skin it targets the blood vessels or pigment. This results in a heating up and coagulation of the blood or pigment. Over a period of time the body’s natural wound healing process will remove the damaged vessels and pigment cells and the birthmark will start to fade. The number of sessions will depend on the size, location and depth of the birthmark. Treatment is normally tolerated well and there will be a month between treatment sessions to allow the body to remove any damaged vessels or pigmentation in preparation for the next treatment. In most cases there will be a gradual fading of the birthmark between treatment sessions.

  • Will Port Wine stains return following treatment?

    Following the successful removal of a Port Wine Stain it is unlikely that it will return. It will be depending on the size and depth of the birthmark and treatment method. For vascular birthmarks there may be some residual staining under the skin that may remain or continue to improve with time.

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