SaveFace is an independent organization based in the United Kingdom that provides a national register of accredited non-surgical cosmetic practitioners. It was established to address concerns and issues surrounding the safety and quality of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. SaveFace aims to protect the public by ensuring that practitioners meet the necessary standards and adhere to ethical practices.

SaveFace conducts thorough assessments of practitioners and clinics, taking into consideration their qualifications, experience, training, and facilities. They also assess the safety and suitability of the treatments offered. Once accredited, practitioners and clinics are listed on the SaveFace website, allowing the public to access a database of trustworthy and qualified practitioners.

Overall, SaveFace plays a vital role in promoting patient safety and ensuring that individuals seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments can make informed decisions and receive high-quality care.

As a Saveface centre of excellence, here at Staffordshire Skin & Laser Clinic, we aim to provide the highest standard of clinically led treatments, using only premium products and evidence backed devices to ensure optimal results for our clients.

Save Face Centre of Excellence