6 steps & 60 minutes for the best skin of your life.

What is a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial combines 6 amazing facials in one for the best skin of your life . A HydraFacial is more than just a facial, it is an experience, a feeling, a confidence booster. It goes deeper than skin deep and reaches within, bringing out your confidence through healthy glowing skin. The HydraFacial technology is unique, and so are the amazing results it achieves. Only HydraFacial combines six separate skin rejuvenation procedures with a patented technology in one.

The procedure involves a detox, followed by deep cleanse and exfoliation, a superficial peel is then applied to brighten the skin, followed by extractions to remove any debris or black heads. The final steps include a deep Hydration and Antioxidant protection with infusion of customised serums , finished with LED light rejuvenation to stimulate collagen all to create an instantly gratifying glow. This is a perfect treatment that is safe for all skin types and concerns with results that can be seen immediately and are long lasting. The treatment can be performed as part of a skin health protocol or can be customised with boosters that can be applied to further target any concern areas you may have, such as skin brightening and pigmentation, lines and wrinkles or superficial acne. With a series of treatments, HydraFacial benefits include a brighter, more even skin tone, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, textural improvements, smaller pores, and clearer skin, with less acne. This celebrity loved treatment is not one to be missed.

  • Treatment time

    60 minutes

  • How long until full results are seen?


  • Duration of results

  • Downtime

    Minimal to none

  • Anaesthetic

    None required

  • Price

    PAYG £120. Course discount available


You’ve probably got some questions, but before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones.

  • Your Consultation

    At Staffordshire Skin and Laser Clinic, we know that your skin is your most important asset. That’s why we give it the attention it deserves. When you come in for a consultation we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We will do a full holistic assessment of your concerns including an Observe computerised skin analysis free of charge to give us a greater understanding of your treatment goals and expectations. We will look at factors that may be contributing to your concerns. We will assess for treatment contraindications as your safety is our number one priority. If you are looking for skin rejuvenation, to soften fine lines and wrinkles, tackle pigment, acne or simply to brighten your skin then HydraFacial may be the perfect treatment for you. During your consultation we will discuss the benefits, potential side effects, risks, treatment alternatives and answer any questions you may have. As we are passionate about results we will also we will also advise on a ZO Skin protocol as well and nutritional support to allow for optimal results. Following your consultation we will provide you treatment information and a quote.

  • How does the treatment work?

    The treatment consists of multiple stages to detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells, extract debris, and provide long lasting hydration to protect and rebuild collagen levels. The treatment works by the unique combination of the following stages:

    • Detox: Stimulates and improves lymphatic drainage helping to eliminate any toxins.
    • Deep cleanse and exfoliation: Gentle exfoliation and resurfacing of the upper most dead skin cells to aid the penetration of the following steps and to uncover a new layer of fresh skin.
    • Peel: A combination of superficial glycolic and salicylic solutions are delivered deeply into the skin to deliver the results of a deeper peel but without the downtime. This phase also softens impurities ready for the extraction phase.
    • Extract: This phase will remove debris from the pores with a painless vortex extraction, whilst the skin is nourished with an intense moisturiser to quench the skin. This phase can instantly remove blackheads and further impurities from your skin.
    • Hydrate: The skins surface is saturated with antioxidants and peptides to maximise your glow.
    • Rejuvenation: The treatment is finished with red and infrared LED light to reduce redness and stimulate collagen and support the natural production of Vit D.
  • Treatment Benefits

    • No downtime or discomfort
    • Seen as the most powerful non-invasive procedure
    • Clinically proven results,
    • Immediate visible results
    • The only facial treatment with a patented vortex technology
    • Effective for every skin type
    • Can be tailored to address specific skin concerns
    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    • Brightens the skin
    • Improve mild acne, congestion and blackheads
    • Improves skin confidence and elf esteem
  • Is used to treat

    HydraFacial is a great treatment option for those looking to optimise and maintain their skin health and reduce the effects of ageing or tackle a skin concern.  The treatment is a great for any skin type who is looking for age rejuvenation, to soften fine lines and wrinkles, tackle mild superficial acne or scarring, reduce milia and skin pigment discoloration. Aside from our Skin Health treatment protocol, your HydraFacial can be customised to address specific skin concerns with HydraFacial super serums tailored to your individual need. Super boosters include:

    • Derma builder Boost: Minimises signs of ageing and recharges the skin with a combination of peptides. This booster will take your HydraFacial to the next level to address fine lines and wrinkles, textural improvement and general skin ageing concerns.
    • Glysal Boost: This is a great booster for anyone with mild superficial acne, congestion, open pores and blackheads. This booster will help to minimise your concerns whilst also improving superficial scaring.
    • Britenol Booster: A great booster for skin brightening any pigmentation concerns. This booster will help to minimise the appearance the appearance of dark spots and sun spots to allow for a more even toned, bright complexion
    • Dermalux LED Therapy: This medically certified LED phototherapy is clinically proven to transform the skin and can be used to address a number of skin concerns. Clinical studies show that he effects of Dermalux can increase cellular energies by 200% in a single session and skin hydration to 600% resulting in a youthful radiant complexion, therefore not only providing would healing benefits but many age rejuvenation benefits too. Dermalux can be added as a standalone booster or can be combined with the boosters above to truly take your HydraFacial experience and results to the next level.
  • How many treatments will I need?

    This is dependent on what you are looking to achieve from your treatment. If you are looking for the ultimate skin health then we would advise a treatment every month to align with your skins natural rejuvenation cycle. If you are looking to treat a concern then we may advise a treatment every 2 weeks for a course of 6 followed my monthly maintenance treatments. If you are looking for a pre party glow then treatments can be taken a day or 2 before your pre planned event.

  • When will I see results?

    HydraFacial produces immediate and instantly visible improvements to the skin that you can see and feel after just one treatment. Results are enhanced with regular treatments, which is why many clients choose to have monthly treatments to align with there skins natural rejuvenation cycle to optimise results.

  • Am I suitable for treatment?

    Prior to any treatment at Staffordshire Skin & Laser Clinic we always carry out a full medical consultation and assessment to ensure that there are no treatment contraindications as your safety is our priority. Most people are suitable for treatment, however there are contraindications. These include:

    • Pregnancy and breast feeding
    • Allergy to any active treatment ingredients, including shellfish
    • Open wounds in the treatment area
    • Skin rashes in the treatment area
    • Active cold sores
    • Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis
    • Skin cancer
    • History of keloid scarring
    • Uncontrolled diabetes
    • Bleeding disorders
    • Certain autoimmune conditions
    • Use of Accutane in the last 6 months
  • How does treatment feel?

    A HydraFacial treatment is non-invasive and completely pain-free treatment. In some cases, there can be a slightly warm feeling during the certain phases, however you should be able to lie back and relax and enjoy your treatment experience.

  • Pre treatment guidelines

    Preparation prior to your HydraFacial is important to ensure you achieve optimal result without any unnecessary downtime. Here are pre-peel preparation tips:

    • One week prior to our peel avoid hair removal methods such as electrolysis, waxing or depilatory methods
    • Avoid exfoliating scrubs or abrasive products for 48 hours prior to treatment,
    • Discontinue any topical prescriptions such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic preparations, adapalene topical antibiotics for acne for 48 hours prior
    • Discontinue any Retin-A/Retinol products 48 hours prior
    • Avoid artificial tanning for 48 hours prior and excessive sun/sunbed exposure for 4 weeks prior to treatment
    • If you suffer cold sores ensure this has completely healed prior to your appointment.
    • Inform your practitioner if there are any medical changes prior to your treatment

  • Post treatment advice

    To enjoy your HydraFacial benefits and maintain your skins optimum health, we advise the following post treatment advice:

    • Avoid excessive sun exposure and sunbeds for 48 – 72 hours after treatment
    • Wear daily sunscreen SPF 30 as a minimum
    • Stay hydrated
    • Refrain from waxing, exfoliating scrubs, and abrasive products for 48 hours
    • Refrain from using acne medication, retinols or AHA products for at least 48 hours
    • Avoid chemical peels or laser treatments in the area for two weeks
    • Avoid hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms for 48 hours
    • Avoid hot showers for 24 hours
    • If possible, keep your skin makeup for the remainder of the day, or choose a mineral based option such as Jane Iredale if make up is required.

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