Flat bum

Get that peachy perk bum and boost your body confidence.

What is a Flat bum?

A flat bum is one that lacks volume and projection and a rounder fuller shape. A flatter bum may have less muscle definition which will also contributing to it not looking as lifted as other more toned buttocks. People my view a flat bum as not looking as attractive as a more toned, sculpted one and may look at ways in which to improve its overall shape and appearance.




You’ve probably got some questions, but before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones here.

  • What causes a flat bum?

    There are a number of factors that affect your butt shape right down to your genetics which determines your skeletal and muscle structure as well as fat distribution, your butt shape can also change with the ageing process due to a reduction of fat and weakening muscles. The term ‘Dormant Butt Syndrome’ is the term used to describe the imbalance of the muscles surrounding the hip and weakness in the glutes. Where ‘Flat Butt Syndrome’ is linked to a sitting for prolonged periods of time, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and general ageing. However getting that butt toned and lifted has many more benefits than just aesthetic ones. A strong butt can improve your posture, prevent back and hip and knee pain, improve athletic performance whilst looking great at the same time.

  • What can I do to tone my bum?

    The best way to tone the buttocks is to incorporate a combination of exercises that target the glutes (the muscles in the bum). Exercises that will be beneficial will include squats, lunges, glute bridges, step ups and donkey kicks. Exercise that improves your cardio fitness will also contribute to your overall body toning. Further advice can be taken from visiting your local gym or signing up with a personal trainer (PT) to further address your body toning desires.

  • What treatments are effective to tone and lift my bum?

    Emsculpt is a non-invasive body sculpting procedure that is effective treatment for bum toning. The treatment uses high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate a contraction of the muscle fibres. These forced muscle contractions are called supramaximal contractions and are much stronger and intense than a voluntary contraction we can do yourself through exercise and engage a larger percentage of the muscle. When applied to the buttocks these intense contractions will left and tone the buttocks giving it a more sculpted appearance. This treatment is also very effective for targeting the muscle groups of the abdomen, arms and legs if further body sculpting is required.

  • How to maintain my bum lift

    Like any muscle that is not been regularly exercise it will lose its tone and definition over time. To maintain your treatment results it is important to engage in regular exercise that focuses on the glutes as well as maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Treatment results can also be maintained with regular maintenance treatments that will also further enhance your treatment results giving you that much desired toned and sculpted buttock.

  • How can ZO Skin Health help to support my skin?

    ZO Principles of Skin Health Restoration specifically focus on restoring skin’s strength and optimizing cellular functions to provide the best treatment outcomes and achieve overall skin health restoration. Skin should be fortified to renew, protect and strengthen itself to maintain healthy skin for life. ZO has your skin health covered with its clinically proven, medical skin care brand. ZO Skin Health products are specifically designed to be the best skin care for ageing skin by addressing both the visible signs and key triggers of ageing at every phase. Only the highest quality active ingredients like retinoids, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, glycolic acid, lactic acid and more. Following a consultation the best regimen that works to tighten and firm the skin, improve skin texture, will be prescribed. One of our favourites ZO Cellulite Control. The key ingredients will help to provide the appearance of slimming and toning effect, whilst visibly smoothing and contouring the appearance of skin, whilst keeping the skin hydrated and firm.

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