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Skin Conditions

Here are a list of the skin conditions we can advise and treat here at Staffordshire Skin and laser along with possible suggestions as to treatments:

  •  Acne Scarring – Dermaroller,
  •  Acne,
  •  Age Spots,
  •  Aged and sun damaged skin – Dermaroller
  •  Cellulite,
  •  Enlarged Pores,
  •  Excessive Sweating,
  •  Facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles – Dermaroller
  •  Hair Removal,
  •  Red Veins,
  •  Stretch Marks – Dermaroller

All of these conditions can reduce your confidence and so we like to offer a lifeline to help restore your feeling of wee being.


Botox – Wrinkles