Acne Package

Manage the symptoms of acne today for clear, blemish free skin with our Staffordshire Skin Solutions. A 360 approach to achieving your best skin ever.

Here at Staffordshire skin and laser we take a 360 approach to your skin health needs. As experienced practioners we know it takes time and dedication to help you achieve your best skin ever; that’s why we’ve developed a 6-month package for optimal, long-term results.

Following your consultation, we will prescribe a personalised programme based on medicated skin care, nutritional support alongside an in-clinic skin treatment to achieve the best results. We’ve set aside a package with the fundamentals to resolve your acne, however additional products and supplements can be purchased as required.

Package offer

  • Package price

    6 laser treatments
    £999 (£200 PAYG)
  • 1 months Accumax

    £83 – Complimentary
  • Complexion clearing programme

    £160 – Complimentary
  • Free computerised
    skin analysis

    £50 – Complementary

Total value savings of £444

Package Details

Call the clinic on 01782 922300 to book this package

  • The Nutrition

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    Skin Accumax is an award winning, patented supplement for problematic skin concerns such as acne. Accumax is expertly developed to synergise the powers of Vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E alongside potent phytonutrients derived from broccoli to support the skin form the inside out. The benefits include:

    • Clarifies the complexion
    • Works form the inside nourishing all layers of the skin, supporting the ultimate skin health
    • Targets all areas prone to acne including the face, back, shoulders and chest as it feeds every cell in the body
    • Contains no harsh chemicals
    • Contains Vit A with contributes the maintenance of normal skin

    To further assist we advise further nutritional supplements to complement your skin care programme following your initial consultation.

  • The Products

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    Obagi Medical’s Clenziderm System is a complete 3 step medical system formulated for normal to oily skin to treat acne at its route cause. The system includes clinically proven benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to help keep acne under control.

  • The Treatments

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    Regenlite Laser treatments will be taken once per month (x6). This will kill the acne bacteria, reduce inflammation, stimulate the wound healing process and dermal stimulation to minimises scarring and enable your body to build an immune tolerance reducing the likelihood of acne returning.

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