Being a mum is an amazing gift, and yes it comes with its ups and downs, but by far the most rewarding job of all. Going though pregnancy makes us just appreciate just how amazing our bodies truly are, the fact that we can grow and develop a new life is pretty amazing. Once our bundle of joy arrives into the world and the new roller coater life has settled down, we may start to notice post pregnancy changes to our body. For some these may not be of a concern, whereas for others getting back to the per baby body is of great importance. Common changes that you may notice post pregnancy include skin changes such as acne or hormonal pigmentation such as melasma, stretch marks, stubborn pockets of fat or abdominal separation, or maybe you are looking to have a much deserved facial and a bit of you time. Once you have discontinued breast feeding we have it all covered for you at Staffordshire Skin and Laser Clinic to get you looking and feeling your best again.


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