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Pigment Removal

Would you like a more flawless, youthful completion?

Unwanted pigmentation, commonly known as freckles, suns spots, liver spots and uneven skin tone are commonly associated with skin ageing. Following many years of sun exposure these pigmented lesions start to appear in our late 30’s as they can take 10-20 years to develop and some may have even been caused when you were a child.

Lifestyle factors such as overuse of sunbeds and not taking daily precautions to wear a suitable sun protection factor SPF will have also contributed the pigment changes within the skin. However it is not only our face where theses tell-tale signs of ageing appear but other common areas include the neck, décolletages and hands.

Other factors that can lead to the development of pigmentation can be hormonal related such as pregnancy or contraception pill or a condition commonly known as Melasma.

Here at Staffordshire Skin & Laser Clinic all patients are assessed by a Nurse Practitioner prior to any treatment to determine they type and cause of pigmentation as some patents may not be suitable for a laser or IPL and in some cases this can make the condition much worse. For these patient we do alternative treatment options that will achieve optimum results without the risk.

If suitable for treatment with a Laser/IPL the treatment can successfully remove or lighten unwanted pigmented lesions resulting in a more flawless, youthful and glowing appearance.

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3-LENTIGO FACE PRE TREATMENTStaffordshire Skin and Laser offer Lentigo treatment, with Harley St trained technicians, using the highest grade of laser equipment.

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